General Contractor:

As your General Contractor we will complete the project from start to finish. We will take as much responsibility as you are willing to delegate. In National Client cases the client normally sources certain materials in a project through national vendors such as providing flooring materials, Graphics, Light Fixtures and in most cases the Fixture package. But if you wish RCI can source any product in the project from architectural drawings, permits, and fixtures, through the final Certificate of Occupancy. In most cases we can build your project from the ground up or perform only the Interior Tenant Improvements.

Facilities Maintenance:

Who better to provide maintenance to your facility that someone who understands how all of the pieces come together? Even new buildings and spaces sometimes need minor adjustments and repairs. We find it common for the move in period to create a days worth of repairs and touching up walls and although normally this would be done by your General Contractor we have been asked to perform these minor repairs to new facilities. We have carpenters and painters on staff that are completely capable as well as an excellent relationship with contractors across the state of Texas that specialize in these types of calls. Building managers rely on RCI to install, repair or replace many items of their common areas such as Tile, Glass, Paint, Wall Covering, Lock systems, etc. We are a One Stop Shop for your busy facilities management department.

Plan Expediter:

In many cases RCI can get your plans through the city plan approval process faster than someone who does not work with the Municipalities of Texas as often as we do.

Disabilities Act Assessments:

Have you received the letter asking you to comply with the Disabilities Act?
Do you feel that you have facilities that do not comply?
RCI can help in these matters as well. We will go to your facilities across the state of Texas, access the facility and give you a report on the items that need attention. In the event you have items that do need attention we are able to perform the corrections.

Value Engineering:

Most General Contractors today take pride in being able to offer any service their client needs so long as it is remotely related to some phase of construction or maintenance. The difference as in all professions is that some are better than others. With over 20 years under one name we have enough experience to have looked at most all approaches to an end. Like my Grandmother used to say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" We know that there are usually several ways to save money on a project...sometimes it's just a combination of little things that saves money. An example of one savings we helped the client with was on a project with high ceilings and the customer had specified a ceiling paint that was close to $100 per gallon. The paint was specified because of its unique pearlescent glow and its washability. The problem we saw was that the pearlescent glow required lighting to bring out the reflective glow and then you had to be within 8 ft or so to be able to see the effect. The facility had down lighting that hung from the ceiling and lighted the floor area but there were no lights pointing up to highlight the ceiling. Even if there had been the ceiling was too high for the effect of the glow...nor was the washability necessary as it was on a ceiling. We formulated a paint for the ceiling that looked exactly the same to their customer when standing on the floor and saved them about $5,000 on paint material alone! Other times we recognized elements of a facilities mechanical system that are over engineered and saved the client money in these areas. Sometimes it's as simple as being aware that the persons specifying materials simply are not aware of less expensive alternates offering the same result.