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Since 1987 we've been waiting to tell you our story. Over those past 24 years we've had lots of time to practice. Now we are ready to join your construction team.

Retail Constructors, Inc.
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Houston, Texas

Thanks for considering RCI for your upcoming construction projects.

At RCI we are committed to the satisfaction of our customer and client. Since the beginning we have viewed our performance on each job as the invitation to your next project. For a company to achieve success today they cannot assume that once they have a foot in the door that an ongoing relationship will continue. Like in Baseball our batting average of this season will have much impact on your desire to keep us as a team player in the future. This as our basic understanding of the way the game is played has kept us in favor with our clients for many years.

Which contractor is preferred...National or Regional?

This is a conversation debated in many board rooms. The answer to which will probably never be agreed on by all. At RCI we have always felt that in confining our efforts to serve our customers in the State of Texas we would be better able to keep in touch with all projects on a personal level with daily frequency. Being personally involved in each project is one of the reasons we feel we have had an ongoing success for over 24 years. As the major stockholders of RCI, Michael Buckner and Ted Page have personally managed each project and have as much knowledge of the job as anyone. RCI's company growth under this plan of personal involvement is limited but we feel the customers we are able to serve are receiving an unparalleled commitment to promised results.